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Thursday February 13, 2014

Fourth Quarter 2013 Winner

Congratulations to Peter Gollin of Cleveland, OH! Everyone else, try again. Our next drawing is April 1st, no joke!

Monday July 01, 2013

Second Quarter Web Winner 2013

Congratulations to Steven Fiori of Centennial, CO! Steven wins a weeklong cruise on the Aqua Cat valued at $2,395.00! Contact our offices to claim your prize, Steven! If you aren't Steven, then try winning another way! Enter our AQUAholics story contest- send your favorite Aqua Cat story to us along with a photo and we'll post it on Facebook. The story with the most likes wins a free cruise!

Thursday May 09, 2013

First Quarter Web Winner 2013 Announced

Every visitor to our site is invited to register to win a free cruise aboard the Aqua Cat. Each quarter we randomly pick one! The first winner of 2013is JOHN BUNDY of Bethel, CT! Congratulations to you, John! Contact our offices to gather your booty! Not your lucky day? Enter again for our second quarter 2013 drawing which will be held August 1st!

Tuesday January 22, 2013

Fourth Quarter Web Winner Announced!

Every visitor to our site is invited to register to win a free cruise aboard the Aqua Cat. Each quarter we randomly pick one! The final winner of 2012 is BECCA LYNN of Charleston, SC! Congratulations to you, Becca. Contact our offices to gather your booty! Not your lucky day? enter again for our first quarter 2013 drawing which will be held April first, no fooling :-)!

Wednesday October 03, 2012

Third Quarter Winner 2012 Announced!

Time for some good news! Everyone who visits our website is invited to enter to win a free cruise. We draw one lucky winner every three months. It is that time again- drum roll please..... Congratulations go to Karen Lawson of Douglasville, GA. Not your lucky day? Enter again- we'll draw one more time for this year!

Monday July 02, 2012

Second Quarter Web Winner 2012

For the past three months, visitors to our website have entered a record number of entries to win a free cruise! We drew the lucky winner's name this morning.......drum roll....... congratulations to Frank Day of Memphis, TN! Not your lucky day? Try again- we'll draw next on October 1st!

First Quarter Web Winner 2012

Thursday April 05, 2012

First Quarter Web Winner 2012

The first quarter winner was drawn and the lucky diver is Bret Meyers of Regina, SK! Not your lucky day? Try again, we'll draw for the second quarter on July 1st! Happy Diving!

Tuesday January 03, 2012

Fourth Quarter 2011 Winner!

Every visitor to our website is invited to enter our quarterly drawing- we give away one free cruise every 3 months! The final winner of 2011 is....drum roll..... Bill Vass of Toronto, ON, CANADA! Congratulations Bill- please contact our office to learn how to book your cruise! Not your lucky day? Enter again for the first quarter 2012 drawing which will be held on April Fools Day- and that's no joke! :-)!

Tuesday October 04, 2011

Third Quarter Web Winner 2011

The lucky winner of the online raffle for one free cruise aboard the Aqua Cat is Mike Melton of Warrenton, MO! Mike heard about the Aqua Cat from his friends! Share your great diving stories with your friends every day to keep the sport of diving alive! Congratulations Mike! Not your lucky day? Try again, we'll draw at the end of the year!

Monday August 01, 2011

Second Quarter Web Winner

Every quarter, we draw one lucky name from all the folks that register to win a free cruise- this quarter, the winner is Sandy Kruppenbacher of Virginia! Congratulations Sandy! Not your lucky day? Try again, next draw is at the end of October!

Thursday April 21, 2011

First Quarter Web Winner for 2011

Congratulations to Dawn McDonald of Springfield Massachusetts! She is our first quarter of 2011 web winner and gets a free cruise valued at $2,295.00! Not your lucky day- re-enter the contest for our second quarter of 2011!

Friday December 31, 2010

Fourth Quarter 2010 Web Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Mark Skyrm of Oglethorpe, Georgia! Contact our offices to claim your prize! Not your lucky day? Enter for the first quarter 2011 drawing which will be drawn April 1st. Happy New Year to all our diving buddies around the world!

Thursday October 21, 2010

Aqua Cat Third Quarter Web Winner Announced!

Visitors to our site are invited to enter to win a free cruise which is drawn quarterly. Congratulations go to Dianne Hendrickson of McKinney Texas! Contact us to get the details of your prize, Dianne! If you are not Dianne, enter to win for the fourth quarter by clicking on the ENTER TO WIN link on each page! Next draw is New Year's Day! What a way to start the new year....

Wednesday July 07, 2010

Aqua Cat Second Quarter Web Winner 2010

Visitors to our website and invited to enter the online quarterly raffle for a free cruise aboard the Aqua Cat. Congratulations go to MIKE KNEUER! Mike heard about us from his dive shop, Blue Water Divers in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. We'd like to thank Blue Water Divers for promoting us so we'll give the dive shop a free cruise too! See what is going on at your local dive shop- remember, diving is a community social sport!

Monday April 19, 2010

2009 photo winners

2009 Photo Contest Results The Aqua Cat offers up to 26 dives per week in the gin clear waters of the Exuma Cays- dive the remote walls, reefs at all depths and swift drifts that draw you thru the cay's channels! Divers bond quickly on board and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxing. Eco-adventures are unique to the area- swimming pigs, leaping lizards, sugar crazed banaquits, and blow holes to name just a few of the sites you can see when not blowing bubbles! Do as much or as little as you like- this is your DREAM dive vacation! Each week, the passengers and crew vote on the best in Macro, Wide Angle, Topside, Video and Best Overall. At the end of the year, one grand winner is chosen from each category. Best Overall: Al Yurek 06/20/09 Best Wide Angle: Dave Hinman 10/24/09 Best Macro: Doug Gray 04/18/09 Best Wideangle: Derek Goad 08/29/09 Best Video(not shown): Jon Williams 07/04/09 The best overall wins a free cruise valued at $2,295.00! The rest of the categories get credit of $1,150.00 towards a future cruise! Congratulations to everyone! There are tons of great shots on display in our winner's photo albums. Check them out and see our trips thru the eyes of the diver!

2009 photo winners

Thursday April 15, 2010

Aqua Cat First Quarter Web Winner 2010!

Visitors to the website are invited to enter a raffle for a free cruise aboard the Aqua Cat. Each quarter, one lucky winner is drawn- congratulations to Edward Addams of Lexington, KY! Don't wait to get lucky to get wet with us- book your cruise today! enter again for the 2nd quarter drawing which will be held at the beginning of July 2010!

Thursday October 15, 2009


Visitors to our website are invited to register to win a free cruise! The winner of the drawing held for all entrants from July 1 thru September 30, 2009 is VLADIMIR OLIVEIRA of Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL! congratulations and we hope to welcome you aboard soon! contact our office to receive your certificate.

Wednesday July 01, 2009

Second Quarter Web Winner

Visitors to our website are invited to enter to win a free cruise in our quarterly drawing. One lucky winner is chosen at random....The second quarter web winner for 2009 is GREGORY MARTIN of Midlothian VA! Gregory heard about us from his local dive shop, ATLANTIS DIVERS! We encourage divers to support their local dive business as it is the hub of our social sport! We are giving the dive shop a free cruise as our way of saying thanks for their support by recommending our cruises! What's going on in your local diving community?!

second quarter web winner

Wednesday April 15, 2009

First Quarter Web Winner for 2009 Announced

Congratulations to Deon Bixby of Hiawatha, IOWA! Not your lucky day, try and try again! Next drawing will take place July 1st, 2009! Don't wait to get lucky to get wet, book now!

Monday April 06, 2009

Beneath The Sea 2009 Winner!

Beneath the Sea Dive Show is one of our favorites. The enthusiasm for diving in the northeast is contagious and we came back with a real bug! It was great to see old dive buddies and meet lots of new ones too. Visitors to our booth were encouraged to enter a raffle for one of two great prizes! One prize was a weeklong cruise on the Aqua Cat valued at $2,395.00! The lucky winner is Laura Keating of Larksville, PA!

Monday February 11, 2008

Bahamian Tale of Two Gobies

In January, 2008 the National Aquarium Institute organized and conducted a Bahamian conservation expedition on the Aqua Cat live-aboard dive vessel. Our mission was to conduct REEF surveys and work on the invasive lionfish project. On board this trip were Lad Akins (REEF Special Projects Director), Ned and Anna DeLoach, Chris Flook (Bermuda Aquarium), National Aquarium staff, and aquarium and REEF volunteers. In addition to meeting the lionfish research goals of the cruise, we were treated to not one but two exciting and rare finds - the Exuma goby and the lemon goby.

Lemon goby

Tuesday June 13, 2006

Tiger shark trying to eat a turtle.

Passengers on our 2005 New Yearks trip saw a tiger shark trying to eat a turtle. To defend itself, the turtle would roll onto it's side with the top of the shell facing the shark. It appeared to work, as the shark swam off.

Tuesday June 13, 2006

Passengers with whale shark

The passengers on our 2005 New Years trip were luck to not only swim with a whale shark, but also see a tiger shark trying to eat a turtle.

Wednesday March 09, 2005

Whales, Dolphins & Sharks

The passengers were treated to several great sites today. First while cruising in the sound they saw a pod of dolphins on one side on the boat. While they were enjoying this sight, a sperm whale surfaced on the other side. Then a pod of pilot whales appeared. The passengers were able to snorkel with the pilot whales until 3 oceanic whitetip sharks showed up.

Wednesday February 09, 2005

Recent sigthings - Manta and whale shark

A manta ray was sighted on during a dive on the Jan 2 trip. During the Jan 22 trip a whale shark was spotted briefly before diving deep.

Tuesday November 30, 2004

Lionfish in the Bahamas

One of our passengers discovered a lionfish at the Blue Hole east of Nassau. There have been a number of lionfish sightings in Florida, but this was the first from the Bahamas or Caribbean according to REEF. At the request of Bahamas Fisheries the lionfish was caught and turned over to fisheries to try and determine it's origin.

Tuesday April 20, 2004

Caribbean Torpedo

On April 12, several passengers were lucky enough to spot a Caribbean Torpedo, a rare type of ray. Only 4 out the 50,000 REEF Caribbean surveys turned have recorded one.

Wednesday December 17, 2003

Mantas sighted on Slate's Industry Cruise

Captain Spencer Slate, of Atlantis Dive Shop in Key Largo FL, hosted a dive industry cruise December 6-13th. Some of the biggest names in diving were on board to enjoy a week of camaraderie, diving, and lots of funny stories! Neal Watson, a pioneer in the SCUBA world, flew in for the Saturday welcome party but had to attend other business for the rest of the week. Mark Evans of Sport Diver UK; George Muszynski an Our World Underwater Scuba Show volunteer; Hall Watts, the world depth record holder; Wes Skiles, reknowned videographer; Leigh and Boomer of DEEP SIX; Mike Hanna, industry rep; and Doug Counts of Florida Scuba News all enjoyed a great week together. Justin, the shop manager of Atlantis Dive shop kept everyone in line while Slate kept them out of line! One of the many sites enjoyed by these divers was the sighting of manta rays! Boomer, aka John Appelboom, caught this one as it flew by the wall of the Exuma Sound. Check back soon for more great pics on this trip!

Monday May 05, 2003

Pilot Whales

On Sunday afternoon April 27, 2003, the Aqua Cat passengers had the opportunity to snorkel with a pod of at least 9 pilot whales. They were swimming about 7 knts when originally seen. Passengers were able to get some nice views as they swam along next to the Aqua Cat. They gradually slowed down and eventually stopped and passengers were able to jump in the water with them.

Thursday March 06, 2003

Humpback Whale

A humpback whale surfaced 50' in front of the Aqua Cat while it was conducting a dive on Pilar wall on Mar 3, 2003. Passengers enjoyed a visit with this great creature.

Thursday November 14, 2002

Reef Monitoring

The week of Nov 1-8 Aqua Cat Employees Kat Edwards and Bruce Purdy attended a course to learn how to monitor coral reefs. The Marine Conservancy and NOAA sponsor the program called RECON. The course took place at the NOAA research facility on Lee Stocking Island, Exumas. During the course students learned to identify corals, coral diseases, coral predators and algaes. The students are now trained to conduct surveys on reefs to monitor coral condition and the percentage of coral and algae cover. Kat & Bruce both took additional training to become RECON instructors and will be teaching other members of the Aqua Cat crew the monitoring procedures. The training is also available to Aqua Cat passengers. Early next year the Aqua Cat will be installing temperature monitors on a number of our reefs. These monitors record the temperature every hour for up to a year. The Aqua Cat crew has also been doing REEF fish surveys on all of our reefs.

Tuesday August 13, 2002

Aqua Cat Wedding

Guests Tim Barrett and Nancy Pope from Batavia, OH were married on the July 18 during their Aqua Cat Cruise. Capt Mark Bailey performed the service on the beach at Highbourne Cay. The bride arrived at the beach by dinghy and walked down a aisle made of conch shells. All male guests were required to be shirtless.

Tuesday August 13, 2002

Shark Week

One of our divesites, the blue hole, was featured on the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The segment showed celebrity guest Gabby Reese diving in the blue hole with the large school of blacknose sharks that gather there every summer. Another segment shot on Allan's Cay showed lead singer Mark McGrath of the rock group Sugar Ray feeding the iguanas.

Friday February 15, 2002

Sperm Whale & Dolphins

The Aqua Cat passengers saw a sperm whale and a pod of dolphins dolphins during the trip. The passengers were able to snorkel with the bottlenose dolphins. The sperm whale was resting on the surface prior to making a deep dive.

Tuesday December 04, 2001

Aqua Cat crew voted world's best

Rodales Scuba Diving magazine just released the results of their Top 10 Awards that rate the world's best dive operations. The crew of the Aqua Cat was rated the best in the world! Aqua Cat was also rated the third best liveaboard in the world.

Tuesday July 17, 2001

Enjoying the afternoon at Pirate's Lair.

Everyone enjoying a break from diving at Pirate's Lair.

Tuesday July 17, 2001

Audrey preparing for record.

Audrey Mestre preparing to break the womens world record for the deepest free dive. The Aqua Cat and it's tender the Sea Dog are above her. She broke the record by descending to 130 m or 426'.

Tuesday July 17, 2001

Audrey & Pipin after the dive.

Audrey & Pipin after their world record tandem dive.

Tuesday July 17, 2001

Pipin & Audrey world record

Pipin & Audrey on their way down on the world record dive.

Tuesday July 17, 2001

Pipin & Audrey

Pipin & Audrey on sled preparing for world record tandem dive.

Friday June 22, 2001

Aqua Cat Crew with Audrey & Pipin

The Aqua Cat Crew with Audrey and Pipin after they broke two world freediving records off the Aqua Cat.

Friday June 22, 2001

Audrey Mestre Breaks World Record

Audrey Mestre after breaking the womens no limits world free diving record. She descended to 130m or 426.51' on a sled tethered to the Aqua Cat. She said afterwards that she felt she could go much deeper.

Friday June 22, 2001

Pipin & Audrey break tandem freeding record.

Pipin Ferreras and his wife Audrey Mestre on the Aqua Cat after breaking the world no limits tandem free diving record. They rode a sled down to 100m or 328.08'.

Friday June 22, 2001

Aqua Cat Arrives

A picture of the Aqua Cat being unloaded from the freighter after arrival in Miami on May 13, 2001

Wednesday April 11, 2001

Aqua Cat on freighter Edamgracht

Aqua Cat after it was loaded on the Dutch freighter Edamgracht. It is now underway to the US. It should pass through the Panama Canal around May 1.

Wednesday April 11, 2001

Aqua Cat being loaded March 31

The Aqua Cat being loaded on the freighter March 31.

Thursday March 08, 2001

Aqua Cat completes sea trials.

The Aqua Cat completed sea trials February 28. Everything went very well. She was able to cruise smoothly at 14 knts despite the 25 knt winds and choppy seas. This picture is of the dining area and the salon.

Monday February 05, 2001

Feb 5 Aqua Cat Bow

The Aqua Cat will undergo 6 weeks of sea trials before being loaded on a freighter for shipment to Miami. She should arrive in Miami in early May with trips to start June 23.

Thursday December 07, 2000

12/1/00 Stern

Construction is moving along rapidly. They are presently about a month ahead of schedule. They are hoping to have it finished in late January. It will then spend 3 weeks in sea trials before shipment to Miami.

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