Equipment Checklist

Win a free scuba diving vacation cruise in the Bahamas on the liveaboard Aqua Cat.
Take a scuba diving vacation on the liveaboard Aqua Cat out of Nassau, Bahamas.

*Required for divers

**Available for rent with prior arrangements

REGULATOR WITH SUBMERSIBLE PRESSURE GAUGE * ** (Rental regulators have octopus and pressure and depth gauges)
DEPTH GAUGE OR COMPUTER * (Our rental regulators have depth gauges)
WETSUIT (Between fall and spring, a wetsuit is recommended)**
DIVE LIGHT (Required for night dives) **
CHEMICAL LIGHT STICK OR SUITABLE SUBSTITUTE (Required for night dives, may be purchased on board)
MONEY (Money for the night ashore, souvenirs and crew tip, 15% is recommended and can be given to the Captain at the end of the week)
Island Hiking Shoes +

DIVING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED: Tanks, weights and weightbelts.

CLOTHING TO BRING: The atmosphere on board the Aqua Cat is always relaxed and casual. Several bathing uits, shorts, long pants, several t-shirts, blouse/shirt and wind breaker all packed in soft luggage. Also deck shoes, sandals, suntan lotion (non-oil) and sunglasses. In winter, sweatshirts or sweaters are advisable. Personal items such as aspirin and decongestants.

+ The Exuma Cays offers many opportunities to go ashore and explore and enjoy the uninhabited beaches. For these occasions, we highly recommend proper footwear for these eco adventures. Flip flops are not suitable. We suggest water shoes or TEVA type sandals. Sneakers are fine but they might get wet!

Win a free scuba diving vacation cruise in the Bahamas on the liveaboard Aqua Cat.

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