Scuba Diving Crew

The Team Bio

Aqua Cat has been rated #1 by the readers of Scuba Diving magazine for BEST CREW! We have found few other recreational activities where the general public relies so heavily on the professionals in charge for their enjoyment and safety. For this reason, we have assembled a top notch team to meet your every need on board!


We have the most dynamic team of talented individuals on board and their goal is to be sure your trip is one that you will never forget! Their gracious ways and outgoing attitudes make guests on board feel like family in no time. Each brings something unique to the team. Check out this team bio to find out more about all of our crazy awesome team members!


Captain Ron McCaslin - 21 years and counting! Captain Ron has been captain aboard The Aqua Cat since she was commissioned in 2001 and with us at Blackbeard’s Cruises since 1992. Hot Texas summers led to lifeguarding and later a Scuba Instructor in 1981 while finishing a Chemistry degree at Texas A&M University. Ron holds a 1600 ton license from the US Coast Guard and when not aboard is trying to escape his “honey do list” in Tallahassee, FL, by riding motorcycles, hunting, or woodworking.

Captain Des Greyling - Des is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa where he grew up loving the ocean. He began his career on the Aqua Cat in 2005 as a dive instructor. Previous to working on the Aqua Cat, Des was an instructor in South Africa and Thailand. On the Aqua Cat he worked his way up to first mate before becoming the captain on the Cat Ppalu in 2010. He was promoted captain on the Aqua Cat in 2012. After working in the real world and aging behind a computer, he decided to set sail and search for the eternal fountain of youth. His travels took many years and many miles but he finally found the fountain of youth here in the Bahamas and ever since has been getting younger.

First Mate Tom Hodgskiss - Tom was born in Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. He went to University of Stellenbosch for schooling and his hobbies are reading, drawing, scuba and sky diving, talking rubbish, telling bad, bad jokes and enjoying cold beverages on warm nights. His goals are to finish table number 3, to ride a turtle out of an airplane backwards and to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up! He loves all the beautiful people he meets and gets to know on the Aqua Cat!

First Mate Tom Falla - Coming from the small Island of Guernsey in the English Channel, Tom grew up around the ocean and on boats. He became a scuba Instructor in 2012 and now combines his passions in life aboard the Aqua Cat.

Instructor Blair Robertson - Blair is a KIWI from Papamoa, New Zealand and graduated from Orewa College. He loves lamb and scuba diving! Blair has the cutest laugh!

Instructor Adan Cabreira - is a former mechanical designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. During a vacation to Malaysia, he became a divemaster and turned his passion into his job. Adan has fun away from Aqua Cat playing table tennis and raising aquarium fish.

Instructor Michelle Blais - is a former dive shop manager from Vancouver Canada and has been an Instructor for 3 years in Australia, Thailand, and Honduras. She has logged additional dives in South Africa, Mexico, and the Bahamas, sharks are her passion. Just ask her about sharky business and expect to chat for hours.

Instructor Julien Thomas - is from France but grew up in Africa. Julien has travelled extensively and has been diving since 1993 and professionally since 2006. Julien has been an Instructor and dive shop manager in Asia, Maldives, and Egypt prior to joining Aqua Cat last December.

Instructor Mick Burns - is from Essex England and started diving in 2002, and achieved Divemaster in 2009 and became an Instructor in Egypt in 2011. Mick has worked in the UK, BVI’s, Australia, and Thailand. He enjoys diving and loves underwater photography.

Engineer Randy Burris - resides in Melbourne, FL when not aboard the Aqua Cat He is began his marine career at Blackbeard’s Cruises in 1993 and has worked as engineer and as Captain. Randy has been aboard since March of 2012.

Engineer Chuck Herman - wandered our way back in 1987 from Buffalo NY. He fell in love with the life as a passenger and was soon back as a deckhand. He eventually worked his way to become the fill in Master on the Blackbeard’s Cruises Fleet and even ran the Cat Ppalu for a bit. When he wasn’t captaining the boats from Miami he was out west skiing and white water rafting. After working here on and off for 24 years there is very little he has not seen. If these waves could talk! He doesn’t do much skiing or white water rafting these days but likes to ride his motor cycle with no particular destination in mind, kind of like sailing where the wind blows him.

Chef Kirk Bell - has lived in South Carolina for 20 years and has been chef aboard AQC for 9 years and counting. I enjoy my work and our diving guests. Birthdays and special diets get my top priority. It’s truly a pleasure to meet and converse with people. He is a major football fan and listens to sports all day long in his galley.

Sous Chef Callula Breugem - loves exciting activities that continuously teach her more after every experience, and allows her to reflect on herself to improve as much as possible- such as scuba diving and skydiving. Her hobbies include drawing and trying new recipes. Goals: To learn skills in cooking and to further extend her mind in as many areas as possible. Hopefully to one day even get her captain’s license!

Sous Chef Sarah Dauphinee - is from Cape Cod and loves scuba, cooking, and being in the ocean. She has been working on yachts and liveaboards for 5 years and loves every second of it.